At Zebra Vision we pride ourselves on our Professional Video Coverage of Live Events and Trade Shows in Melbourne and nationally. We love the hectic nature of capturing live events and the challenge of getting all of those moments as they happen. That’s what makes Event Videography so unique, you don’t get a second chance to film something. Our video camera setups are lightweight but also incredibly functional and advanced; incorporating high quality 4K video, a variety of camera lenses, gimbals, and professional sound and lighting. It’s about being as flexible as possible for when the expected and unexpected occurs.

Zebra Vision covers countless events every year at some of Australia’s biggest event venues including the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and ICC Sydney. We work closely with event organisers to ensure we have a complete run-down of the day’s activities and are ready to record as key activations take place eg. speaking event, a workshop, expo floor demonstration, celebrity ambassador and exhibitor interviews.

Through years of experience in Live Event Videography we are highly organised and adaptable to keep up with changes to a schedule and quickly reset for an interview or change of direction.

As part of the Post Production process we then edit together professionally made highlight clips or sizzle reels that provide a comprehensive wrap up of the show. Edits typically incorporate the branding and theme of your event, engaging music, on-screen graphics and a final “call to action”.

New services being offered is the ability to edit daily teaser clips whilst on location, delivering “same-day” content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or an evening EDM to provide a fun wrap-up of the day’s activities. These clips are highly effective to promote a show as it’s happening and drive further engagement into the final days. We’ve also added new video tools to our daily coverage including time-lapse and action cameras, live streaming options and drone aerials where required.

Zebra Vision is the trusted name for Event Videography across many of Australia’s top exhibition companies. Every show is different and we work closely with event teams to ensure we are capturing the very essence of what that particular show is all about. Don’t leave your Event Videography to just anyone, it’s a very important component to your overall marketing strategy and set’s the tone for future shows.